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Working From Home Vs The Office

Working From Home Vs The Office
A Success Profile About Our Artistic Director, Noelle Andressen
Edited by G. Blythe | Copyright February 23, 2017

Tell us about your career track and some brief information on your background:
I have two careers, one as a professional dancer-choreographer, the other as a professional Emmy nominated screenwriter and book author. Some of my dancing and/or choreography credits: ABC's "Modern Family", g.l.a.a.d. Awards Ceremony, Key Art Awards for the Hollywood Reporter, major dance festivals across the globe. My book series: Dance Warrior from Cancer to Dancer and Dance Warrior Red Ribbons - Shattered Innocence (this one is about my account of being sexually abused as a child). Emmy nominated writer for "Baby Doe's Heartbeat".

Why did you choose working at home versus the office?
Initially, I began working a desk job at an office. Then due to necessity and my desire to fulfill my dreams, I switched to work out of my home. I was a breast cancer survivor and I had severe allergies to cleaning chemicals in buildings and my body was also very tired and weakened from the treatments. I ultimately used this to slowly ween myself from desk job to art job at home.

So first, it was by force because of my post cancer situation that I described above. Second, it was time for me to live my dreams. I talk about it in my book and have been interviewed many times about it all. It was very challenging. For the writing career, it was natural to sit propped up in a chair and let my fingers do the talking.

Tell us how you got started:
Once I gained strength my husband made our living an at home studio: wooden floors, mirrors,sound system. I would get jobs as a choreographer and began creating dance pieces. I also started my own dance company. I had a goal to rehabilitate my body. A lot of my body/dancing went through an at home re-hab in my living room with trainers.

As for the writing, I already had Emmy nominations for my work. I was already successful in this area, I just grew it. I gleaned from my journal and as I felt better I compiled chapters to form books. I took my life story and used it to encourage others. I then married dance, my books, film, etc. to make my company truly multi-media.

Tell us about your first job.
My first choreographic job post-cancer developed from my performing for a charity raising awareness about domestic violence. I performed a dance piece about abuse, my abuse that I suffered through as a child. It moved many hearts and I was asked to perform at another event this time it was for pay. From there I saw that I had a gift to reach hearts with my dancing and earn an income. Like I shared, I already had a successful career as a writer. I combined the two art-forms: dancing and writing to craft books (Dance Warrior Book Series) about what I had suffered through and conquered and turned them into dances that are performed in theaters. From there, I also added my film making background to create a full fledged multi-media dance company that not only entertains but reaches the soul. It contributes to wellness and health in society and inspires others to reach out. This also led to my private tutoring in dance. Some try to copy me and my path but they fail because it's not genuine to them. They're not being authentic to themselves.

How does your day begin?
I still have daily hurdles with my physical body. It is long term side effects from the cancer or possibly the treatment. While I'm technically in remission, I still have to take care of my body first with some yoga asanas, ballet barre, and stretching. Once I'm taken care of, I begin my administrative duties. I have a to do list that keeps me organized and on task. From there I asses with my Board Members via Skype meetings: growth of my company and me as an artist, what we can improve upon and continue to develop outreaches to assist the community. If we have a rehearsal or performance for that day/evening, I prepare in my studio and begin the process of a deeper body conditioning. The end of the day will look different based on what occurred during the day. I may have to do an Epsom Salt soak if I'm achy or I may have thank you emails to write. 

What do you wish someone told you when you started?
I wished someone would have shown me the diplomacy that was needed for good communication in the arts community. It requires a different skill set and approach than the typical business model because most artists are insecure and are emotional. I'm very passionate and can be emotional but I am at first very thoughtful and logical. 

What type of advice can you give for work at homers?
Getting out of the house! Most of what I do unless it's a performance or outreach is done from my home office/studio or at our office in an enclosed building - yuck! I have to remind myself to schedule public appearances and socialize. It's very easy to become a hermit and if you tend toward social hibernation, you may have to force it like I did. People thought I was stand-offish because I stayed at home a lot. Once it was brought to my attention I reversed it.

Any last words of advice?
Remember to get out of the house and socialize, much like home-schoolers have to be aware of.
Set up a specific place to work and separate it from your home life.
Schedule your work load and stick to it.
Enjoy what you're doing or reconsider what you're doing.
Communicate with the outside world.
Always make sure your loved ones who reside with you are supportive and understanding.
Always clock out and stay clocked out.

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