Tuesday, October 24, 2017

6 Ways to Un-Block "Brain Block" - for all you artists out there struggling

6 Ways to Un-Block "Brain Block"
For all you artists out there struggling
An essay of inspiration
by Noelle Rose Andressen (c) 2017

My name is Noelle Rose Andressen, a professional dancer-choreographer. Getting "brain-block" can be so frustrating especially when you have a deadline. Unfortunately, it happens upon occasion and usually when it's most inconvenient.

Here are some of the creative ways I've overcome this:

1. Parks - Since my job is movement based, I go to where I can see other people moving like a park and watch kids playing, people walking, animals scurrying, and sometimes climbing a tree and feeling the wind blow and move through the leaves. Other people's movements inspire me.

2. Viewing - Watching videos on YouTube is an a amazing source of inspiration for the arts. Never copy anyone, but you can certainly gain encouragement from other artist's work.

3. Museums - Museums are such a fantastic way to take your mind off your blockage and carry you into another artist's world. When I walk around, I particularly like to look for interactive objects that can be touched. The textures inspire different reactions and movement than what I would come up with in a studio in front of a mirror.

4. Headlines - When I get stuck not knowing what subject to base my dance on, I read the headlines in the news or biographical stories. Each one of us has a story to tell and we can gain such insight into other perspectives. These stories often lead to a subject matter in which to craft a dance piece.

5. Environment - Being in nature. For me the living earth is most inspirational and provides such creativity. I love to eat healthy so strolling through a grove is a wonderful way to satiate and help myself in more ways than one.

6. Hubby - There have been times when I just can't find the right moves to start a dance. Nothing I try seems right and I find myself pacing across the floor with no inspiration. The last thing I do when all else fails, I ask my husband (who isn't a dancer), to come up with the first dance phrase. He actually did this for my dance: Red Ribbons which gained critical acclaim and is an audience favorite. Who knew?

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