Monday, November 27, 2017

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Quick Tips From A Sicilian Great Grandmother
Copyright 1989-2017 by Anna Lombardo re-told by Noelle Andressen

I learned a lot from my Italian grandmother who was a gracious hostess. Her skills provided a wealth of knowledge for me as I became an event producer internationally. 

#1 Nonna would say: More food and beverages than you think times two. There's nothing worse than running out of these crucial elements. Worst case scenario, you have plenty leftover to give your guests a little food memento for them to take home in decorative "take home" boxes that fit your event's theme. I know this works because I've often received future jobs from doing this.

#2 Hospitality. Guests may not remember every detail of your event but they will remember how they felt and how they were treated. It depends on the event, but every guest either receives a rose or a sachet of mints, or some token that shows classy care. Treat every guest as if they were family and they will remember your special touches."

The old adage: Enter in as friends leave as family is what Nonna always aimed for. Hope these Cannoli Notes help you.

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