Thursday, August 4, 2016

Strike A Pose

Strike A Pose
COVET Fashion & Terani Couture
by Noelle Rose Andressen (c) August 4, 2016

Tom-Boy Glamour Queen
The lights, the camera, the runway, the clothes...what gal doesn't dream of being surrounded by all that glamour? Thanks to the Golden Age of Hollywood, we all probably dreamed of this at some point. I did, however...

I had three brothers, loved sports, climbed trees, adored martial arts, and was a dare-devil. I truly was a tom-boy, I just did everything in a dress, hair fixed, nails manicured--exquisiteness. I was "dressed to the nines" at the age of ten ;)  I often was caught and scolded by my mom for having cut up my sheets to make elaborate dresses and wild designs, however, I came by it honestly since my mom taught me to sew and craft patterns at a very young age. I just LOVED fashion! 

It didn't start out that way. At first I didn't want to be fussed over or with, but my Grandmother changed that a bit with forcing me to watch the old Hollywood Glamour movies and then that was it.

As I said, High End Fashion has always been a love of mine that I grew into. When I was in my mid-teens I had my own fashion design line and label. I sold my designs at boutiques in Palm Springs and my friends were my models. My frame was very petite and during those days most models for the runway were very tall, I was not, not even in heels. While I did do petite modeling for lingerie, dance and ice skating attire, I longed to be able to wear those gorgeous, draping gowns and walk the runway. At that time, there was no hope for me, I was a tiny thing, slender, physically fit, but short.

COVET Fashion vs. Video Games
My other obsession was video games. Seriously, having a Nintendo console was the thing then for my generation, especially for my brothers. I loved playing all the quest and fighting games, but I wished there was something more for girls. Years later, an awesome iPhone app: COVET Fashion came along and I loved it! It combined video games, paper dolls, fashion, and design all in one. What made me fall in love with it was that it used real fashion designs from real designers. This meant I could play the game, dress up my digital "doll", then go out and get the designs for myself. You can even make the digital model look like you and try on dozens of designer couture before you go out and purchase it. It does help to get an idea of what you may look like in any given design before you invest financially in it.

What's shown left is a screen shot from COVET Fashion. It's the Terani Couture gown that I ended up wearing at my event. This two piece design was perfect for me being a dancer: it was creative, elegant, and showed off the body especially the abs. I wanted 6-pack for this event. I had to settle for a two-pack this past January, but the goal is still there to achieve. I also, love Stephanie Kantis jewelry designs, Kotur, Rebecca Minkoff shoes--extremely comfortable and divine.

Rubans Rouges Dance & Terani Couture
Let's back up a bit and take a look at how I worked with all these amazing elements.

Here's where my dance company comes into play and many more things. My company often has VIP Events to attend, or we produce many high profile dance concerts, art films through my film production company, and I pen many editorials and books. This past January, I was totally blessed and graced with this gorgeous gown by Terani Couture. (Please see my other blog entry that shows the full length gown.) The ultimate gown that I loved, I wore for our VIP Red Carpet Reception. It was amazing, glamourous, and such a thrill. Terani Couture featured me on all their social media and my dancers and I had a ton of fun on the red carpet before we danced. What I adore about Terani Couture is that they keep all women's body types in mind. They have petite sizes and full figured sizes. Everybody's body can look great in these fashion designs.

Pretty awesome sauce! Go get this app and start dreaming.

If you love to play COVET Fashion like we do, JOIN our fashion house: "Glamorinas" and have some fun with us. It's a brand new group. Feel free to connect with us, borrow from our closets (mine's over $1,000,000.00 - tons of gorgeous designs to borrow), give fashion feedback, like each other's designs, and have tons of fun. We only require that you play frequently and enjoy sharing and posting your designs with the group. Submit your request to the group and we'll approve you.

One of my favorite type of challenges are the dance themed ones. It's probably obvious why that is.

I'll be updating this fashion section of my company's blog often. I share new fashion looks from the COVET Fashion game app to real life events. Wear-It, LOVE-It, Live-It! XXOXX Noelle-Rose

Special thanks to Blair Hamilton and Bonnie Burton, Helen and Terani Couture. We love you ladies!!

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Noelle Andressen is an Emmy nominated writer, producer and music arranger. She has authored the 5 book series: "Dance Warrior" Book Series. The first book is set to be released very soon. She is also a dancer-choreographer that has had the privilege of being photographed by legendary dance photographer Lois Greenfield (photo release 2016). She's known for her many works on camera as an actress and behind the lens as a story-teller with her screenplays. She took this skill and applied it to her dance company: Rubans Rouges Dance and creates thought provoking "Dance Drama" that beckons you to "Feel the Experience" (TM/slogan mark).