Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sink Hole

So what was this right by our home?

This happened twice in the same place only bigger the second time. A lot of very scary, weird and odd things have happened on this corner from accidents (10 since we lived here), people parading around doing very odd things, people almost dying, you know the usual.

Not too long after all of this we noticed any private conversation we had near this area ended up in the media. This is LADWP. President Trump, please figure this out for us. Thanks.

by Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale

I've been wanting to do a fun entry for a while now. So this one is all about hair and the fun hairstyles I've come up with. Some new, some old, some just for fun.

Up Dos

I love to experiment and do different styles for dance class whether teaching or taking it. For performances I've often spent hours 
in the bathroom or in front of a vanity playing with the hair and creating whatever came to mind. This one is a fun 3 bun styled hair design with stick pin accents. I gathered my hair in 3 pony tails, braided them then coiled them into 3 buns. I think next time I'll do away with the fly-aways, but you get the idea. We've used this for a few of our dance pieces.

This next up style is a wrapped style with embellishments. I twisted it from the crown of my head starting from the center part one twist on either side and then coiled in a low bun. I used real baby's breath and one of my combs to accent it. Ballet class or performance this style is a fun one that takes a bit of time. 

This one was a challenge and took an hour. I sectioned off 8 sections of hair around the crown then used clear elastic to hold each one in place close to the scalp. I then used a basket weave effect and branched it towards the back of my head. I then created a low sloppy bun at the base of the neck and there you have it. 

This style looks good down too:

Fun Pull Back Styles
The next two are similar in that it's the same idea with sections and pony tails. This top one I left my natural curly hair stay that way and created a breezy but fun loose look. I pulled my hair back from the temples to the back and secured it with a band. I went 2.5 inches down my hair and picked up another section of hair much like you do when French braiding but instead of braiding you're just gathering and tying a knot in a sense beneath the clump gathered. I did it one more time at the nape of the neck and let the rest hang loose. If you have very long hair you can continue this as far down as you'd like. I added a rosette on the side for some accent fun.

This next style I brushed my curls out best I could, it usually just bushes out and the fly-aways go crazy. I made a ponytail and banded it at the base and flipped the tail towards the head and under the band to create that roll effect. I then did the same procedure as above only it's completely gathered and not just sections. When I made 3 bulbs I then used a rat tail comb and puckered them out some more and made this fun summer look.

Most of these designs came from boredom or a need to create styles for our dance pieces. Have fun with them like we did and share your pics with us so we can give you a shout out. Just please don't copy my dances, costumes, hair, makeup and make your versions of my dances or make youtube videos or any videos using my designs, it's basically theft then. We sue for this. Other than that, beautifuls & beloveds, enjoy your lives.

Side braids, headband. Enough said.

Fighting Dragons

by Noelle Rose® Andressen-Kale; Jared Kale & Rubans Rouges® Photo mine! If you use it for anything I will hunt you down. This is what I normally look like when these a$$hats aren't dumping toxins into my home or air, water, food, products, public places, or any place in the world. We need to hold these dragons accountable for high crimes against humanity & me personally on so many levels. Wanna know the secret to anti-aging: Get these SOB's & stop them from poisoning our world. We used science to figure this out. President Trump we NEED YOU! Help us fight!

Beautifuls & Beloveds, this article contains both our opinions and some interesting reflections on history and society. Please refer to my/our other articles to catch up on our philosophy and terminology. This will also help acquaint you with what we’ve been experiencing and how we’ve been managing our complicated and dangerous world situations.

In Brief: Who am I? Noelle Rose® Andressen-Kale, an Emmy nominated artist which includes writing. Primarily I dance professionally as a contemporary-modern artist and choreographer. I bring my true life stories to the stage and screen. Dancing isn’t my only profession as I also sing, obviously write, produce, design fashions, create music, teach the arts, and above all I like to think that I’m a well balanced human being that loves everyone and holds evil people to account.

As displayed in my last writings, I find myself with my immediate family in a circumstance we didn’t ask for and are begging for President Trump and his faithful crew & family to help us defeat our foes. More and more we find our foes may be the world’s foes as well. As a reluctant Alice, I shall say that I will win and press on forward. There is no substitute for winning, especially when one’s life depends upon it. More on this later.

It is indeed our current situations that brought me to craft this piece: “Fighting Dragons”. I have “the corporation” in mind when thinking about such ugliness and depravity = dragons. Certainly, there can be cute, adorable, friendly dragons, those aren’t the ones in mind. We are talking about those that hide in dark dungeons and cause destruction to our world.

This is the topic at hand for this article: The destruction “the corporation” has caused in this world throughout time via using a pattern found in fashion. Some of this knowledge I came by with wisdom, study, or being an open vessel to that of the Lord.

A note about God, specifically to non-believers: You believed in dinosaurs for how long? You saw the supposed skeletal remains in which museums? Did you ever ask to see the original bones? Did you ever wonder why or how these bones never over billions of years never became part of the earth? We did. I did. They’re also not mentioned in the Bible for a reason. We were lied to. We were told they gave us fossil fuels. So before you claim: guff about God, consider if you were one of those who bought into the dinosaurs. There’s more evidence that Jesus existed. Onward. 

In looking back at history you can benchmark events that chiseled away at society or the world. Each one destroyed humanity a little bit more. Some of this will be discussed in this article also. It is also believed by me, what “the corporation” had striven for throughout time as they passed their baton to their next successor. This group has a type of minatory brethren (with or without a king leader remains to be discovered) or faux apostolic mimicking attempt of creating the world in its image. 

Let us review some benchmarks of our time, some elements of fashion design, and discuss and ponder if it truly could be plausible that we are under the feigned take over by a hostile group of anti-humanitarian men. Also, see if you see the pattern of disguise or Grand Illusion being presented. Here’s some highlights of our research paper and thesis that exists in fuller form. This is not the formal presentation of it, obviously I break the professional narrative with my own commentary that’s more “friendly” and less formal, but you’ll get the idea and understand our thesis. The evidence? Well that my friends isn’t for you to see quite yet. Not only do we not choose to do so but “they” do not choose to do so either. Some is on our youtube channel though.

The Rabbit Hole of Time

There’s a lot to say about many of the decades past. Certainly the benchmarks of prohibition, the Great Depression (photo right was before that time period dominated by flappers and lots of interesting head pieces) and even dating back to the Revolution and the colonization of North America may explain much to us and provide clues and patterns. We have much to say about all of this but we are considering brevity and how far back in time do we chase this rabbit? Then to wonder if we all are rabbits. Let’s start with the 1940s.



One of the benchmarks of the 30s-40s was World War 2. It plagued this time period and a bit prior. It comes on the heels of the Great Depression in 1929-1933. Humanity was under such hardships that may not have been rivaled as of yet in modern day times. Wars always seemed to generate jobs and income. If there is an upper echelon of evil men, not only did they not want to be “known” but: did they conjure WW2 because their money was depleted or maybe another reason? We’re well aware of what the history books and various speeches from our officials declare, but what if there’s another way to approach this subject matter? The nice and neater answers were already given to us. They’re more palatable. No one wants to think that we’re all at the mercy of said group. However, what if we are? Let’s look at the fashion of the time. Why? I believe this holds a lot of clues.

1940s styles had lots hats (hats with mesh veils which would protect the facial skin) and hair tied with scarves (a protective means to keep our heads and hair follicles safe. Whatever this stuff is, it causes hair to fall out). Hats were still around but fashion was inexpensive and low key unless of course you were a film star whose job was to keep our worrying minds off worrying by providing escapism for if we really knew the truth would we be able to handle it? Yes, we would. The more likely answer is that “the corporation” didn’t want anything spotlighting what they were doing. “They” provided anything to keep us busy and not focus on “them”. Magicians call this the slight of hand and so do charlatans and conjurers.

Hollywood was ramping up even more and becoming more of an industry unto itself. Suits for men were raging, hats too. Maybe they were not all star makers but slave makers. More on this later but was this another tool used by “the corporation” to keep our men in fantasy land with pin ups for their barracks and then some. 

Towards the end of this decade was a time period when the style for women was to have fuller figures. Some like this look very much, to each their own. Could it be that the fuller figures were something that no one could control? We’ve asked a lot of women if they’d like to have fuller figures. Not one of them said yes. Could it be that the extra weight was caused by toxins in our air, water, or products we consumed?

Note: During covid, we once again have this odd excess weight occurring. The guise of: It’s covid and everyone is under quarantine, home bound, and no one is exercising. Really? People who didn’t exercise before all of a sudden since March is putting on weight? Even young people? Most people didn’t exercise before because they had no free time to do it. Now there’s more free time for many and they are exercising. We can state for ourselves we’re doing more than before (in ways that doesn’t injure our injuries) and are still battling bulges (at all ages young and elderly) we never had before not even post car accident time when we couldn’t do much physically. We were more sedentary then versus now. This shouldn’t be happening to professional dancers and it isn’t due to aging, that’s a big fat lie. Note: when we get out of the toxins and away from it for a time, the weight falls off, the skin rebounds and heals. These horrible men are aging us all prematurely. It’s not a biological virus doing it. It’s impossible - it’s scientifically impossible.

Could it be that there was something in the air in the 1940s (50s) as there is now that causes this fake fat to present itself? Could it be methanol that causes a swelling and heaviness to build up in our tissues thus results in sagging of skin and fake fat? Is benzene what causes artificial aging? Is it mercury in our water? Both? More? Here’s another thought: What if “they” are intentionally causing menopause? We have documentation stating that women didn’t stop menstruating until much older than around 50. In fact, the later a woman starts her cycle in her youth, the longer she will have it in her furthered years. My family had theirs for a very long time, they had to take medications to stop it.

Another interesting aspect during this time: men went to war women went to work. This caused women to become powerful. They earned money, ran the household, raised the children, they did it all. Not so unlike today’s time except now due to false inflation or whatever is driving the cost of living up, women have to work and in most cases so do their children. (Again, there’s so much more to this topic, this is just a quick highlight of our more in depth thesis.)



To spring board off the last paragraph: We believe “the corporation” didn’t like women so powerful being able to do everything, so the marketing spun it to keep them at home and look dolled up as they became enslaved to men and their families. Our country wouldn’t tolerate forcing women to be slaves so the marketing had to do this on the sly and entice them. They also had to make it very unpopular for women to work which is absurd since they were just working during the war. This is supposedly what became the “Christian” life style. Men worked and women stayed at home and made a castle for her king. We’re created equal in God’s eyes as help mates to each other not enslaved. We also believe “the corporation” took Biblical Scripture and twisted it to be a macabre vision of our world through evil eyes not Godly loving eyes. “The corporation” would give a little, take a little, things may not have always gone to plan so they then had to figure the next marketing spin to work their way around again to total female enslavement and to de-masculinize men-this we would see soon enough unfortunately.

Basically, “the corporation”: They’re cowards and they make the strong weak as to not have opposition for opposition would do them in.

Hiya fellas! Am I close?

With the 1950s generation, we have a lot contributing to fashion and the historical clues: Elvis, Beatles (they both overlap into the 60s as well), greasers, pearl necklaces, poodle skirts made of wool, TV and TV dinners, scarves, leather jackets and pants, more smoking, hair had utilized hairspray & petroleum jelly, scarves, etc. follow me? All of these items protect the body. The pearls protect the chemically vulnerable clavicle area and neck in which these toxins like to choke their victims, as do scarves. Petroleum jelly kept men’s hair intact (seriously why would anyone use such stuff just for a fashion statement unless it was a protective means created by good men who also propped up people to promote such things and make the masses want to do this). Hairspray worked for the women.

You can also take this further as we did with architecture studies and trends. The newest trend is lead glass paneled walls. This new “window” keeps the toxic crap from seeping into your home fairly decently. Yes, that’s what it takes. Think about it: Stone castles, adobe homes, were these really built for only one purpose protection from the weather or enemy arrows? Stone, dirt, also keeps this crap from seeping into your home. Rammed earth is also a great means to help. Just saying. A windowless design, that can be done if you’re building your own home, why not? But it’s terribly gloomy, but then again “White Skies” doesn’t give us much to look at any way.



What comes to mind: Vietnam (overlaps into the mid-70s), protests, flag burning, rebellion, beehive hair to bouffant, flipped bob-mop top-bombshell-new pixie-afros, high necklines, leather boots, French berets and other hats surfaced, mini skirts, and well you get the picture. How about those big aluminum cans used as hair curlers? Aluminum protects the head from these toxins. We tried it, we know. We also didn’t get as many or nearly as severe migraines. Who knew?

Chaos can be a word that describes the 1960s with overlap from the late 50s and into the early 70s. This won’t be an inclusive list, so much was occurring at this time. The point is to say a few things that we picked up on while researching various time periods for our stage and screen projects.

Recently, we’ve been contemplating strongly that we may be under chemical attack. We took notice of this a few years ago as our skies became whiter and whiter. We felt badly and noticed signs of aging almost over night. Aging doesn’t happen this way at all. This caused us such alarm.

If you look at what may be in our air currently, it causes destructive and annoying symptoms from kidney failure to itchiness. We did an experiment mostly due to costume and makeup planning, but none the less, it showed us a lot.

We wanted to create a “4 seasons look” for a dance project. I chose winter because I’m a winter baby. I created this look long before Frozen, any similarity is due to the cartoon movie producer’s fault not mine. My designs came first. By the way, one of my surnames is Anna or Anne or Anné. Are you thinking it too, because we definitely are. Yes, I know it’s very concerning. More on this later but if you look at the left cheek there's the snowflake pattern of a face slowly being frozen. Then if you want tons of pics of me in braided pig tails, it's all over my social media for over a decade. Oh and the fact that Kristophe is my husband's name and the character looks like him and the sister looks like my ballet teacher, and then well there's my words from private convos used in it too. There's just so much about all of this. Oh and how we knew certain execs from that place too. Just saying.

For our project I did this really cool winter princess makeup look and love the results. I used hair spray and noticed even back then the itching stopped. My scalp was itching a lot of times and I couldn’t place why or pin point what was occurring. Any time I used hairspray, the itching stopped. It also stopped when I used certain herbs. Hairspray has chemicals, it shouldn’t keep ones scalp from itching if it was a medical condition, it would contribute to more itching as chemicals more often than not tend to be irritants.

Hairspray creates a boundary between the outer air and the scalp. It protects it from falling out too. Let’s look at the leather boots. We started wearing leather attire. We didn’t get itchy any more. We also used scarves, higher necklines, and that too protected our skin from itching and other symptoms like the feeling of being choked. With this discovery, I reflected upon what my Nana used to do. My mom thought she was vain, she wasn’t vain, my Nana was protecting her life, health and preventing from premature aging. She created a beauty regimen that made a buffer between the possible toxic outside air and her body or skin. She showed me what to do as a child and when going back to it, it works. She may have had privileged information via my corrupt grandfather. (I don’t condone his affiliations and reject them completely. He wasn’t a moral man, but it stopped with him.) I say may have had in regard to my Nana because I don’t want to spill all the beans yet. Yet.

Then we started looking at other photos of the atmosphere throughout the generations. The white skies have made their appearances before. Perhaps not as overwhelming as decades past display, but definitely apparent.



Less hairspray for hairstyles, some pixie hair styles but mostly long and straight. Turtlenecks, All in the Family, SOAP, more long flowing clothing, loose, oil crisis, seat belts in cars. We had suede, leather, corduroy used to make hats, purses, vests, skirts, and tons of other clothing. Could this have been more for protection and not fashion statements? Vietnam was over in the mid 70s but then we were facing the oil crisis. It was one thing right after the other consistently through history. That in and of itself is too coincidental. Why are so many so willing to say: “That’s life?” Is it because the song and marketing brainwashed everyone? How about creating marketing that points to “the corporation”? We like that better. This may actually help resolve the problem.

Don’t forget about the cartoons, the films and the merchandising of Hollywood. We have George Lucas to thank

for that. Star Wars - watch it with new eyes this time look for clues that show what’s really going on in our world. The force? Maybe this is really calling out “the corporation” and displaying how they’re set up. Jedi Mind Trick? Probably the method in which “they” plant people in lives (such as ours) and use the method of power of suggestion, hint drops and influence to cause certain things to happen. Ben Kenobi said that it works only on the weak of mind. Well don’t be weak of mind. If someone tells you to stop doing what you love, tells you you’re too old to do what you’re doing - strongly suspect this person was planted in your life to get you to give it up, whatever “it” is. It could be a husband, a career, a hairstyle, anything. Just say no and stay 6 feet away. Distance causes people to not be able to influence as well. Does anyone hear a covid bell ringing? Anyone? How about those star buns? Protect the ears much. This crap goes after the ears, eyes, well all of our holes.

Then also take a look at the comics in the newspapers. These were read by adults. No kid asked: “Hey dad, mom can I read the newspaper when you’re done?” Most don’t even know Snoopy was in these pages. Not claiming this artist or character or franchise did anything detrimental, it is just an example. For the most part it was very loving and nurturing. I’m not going to state which ones were devious. Do your research and figure it out, we did. Most of those panels were written towards an adult generation. It is always the cartoons, the marketing, the toys that prep and condition the kids then when they’re adults they read the comic panels and the brainwashing really begins as a lure for them to read the propaganda in the newspaper. Again with the cartoons - Third Reich cartoon depicting what a supposed non human looks like. “they” decided who was an essential or non essential worker. Watch “Schindler’s List”. Any covid bells ringing for anyone? They should be sounding an alarm. Wake up. 

(Just want to briefly state that we were having a concept meeting about how to create a scenario to control or end the world. We talked about essential and non essential workers. Not that we would do this in reality, but for our films, books, dances, we needed to create a world so we could warn. Our “FIGHT FOR LOVE” performance production touched on this subject matter. We know we were listened to. Too much of the marketing of covid was from our private meetings - about a film we wanted to do - not a cover up for a biological “virus”. Yeesh.)

Let’s regress (lol the media started using this word recently to hint drop-they’re listening to us) - Not only did we have Star Wars but Murphy’s Law and Ziggy and thus an explanation as to why our lives were so messed up. We all were apparently born under a dark “Ziggy” cloud and anything that could good wrong would. It also mooches off of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona. These people just couldn’t leave the poor guy alone, always stealing from his creation even his birth name. Really another singer with the same name at the same time? Seems more like a purposeful prop up created to mirror and steal and control the original genuine article by suppression or oppression.

Watch my dopple ganger video: “Are you being doppleganged?”

It’s about whether people are being intentionally twinned to suppress or oppress the original, steal from the original and create a carbon copy, one that is vetted and easily controlled. “They” need a front to keep “them” covered and a way to funnel their money earned less than legitimately doing unethical things. I’m not stating that all are being twinned but could it be the most amazing people are. Let’s find out.


Note: “the corporation” only allowed those meaning us civilians participate in their scheme of illusion if what you or your product had to offer somehow detracted from humanity and morals. The higher up you went on this ladder the more your product had to destroy in some way. They also try to punish those who don’t do their bidding with accidents, no awards, bad publicity, we know, we’ve experienced it all and have evidence.


“They” get very insecure when someone tries to do this fame thing on their own without them. They can’t control you then. They’ve done it to us too, tried to steal our names, intellectual property and create other personas to try to steal from mine ie: the free, fierce, wild dancer with flame & ruby red hair that has a heart of gold and a deep passion to fight. This includes my name, persona, personality, the skills and talents I have, etc. We’re just going to sue the heck out of all of them. That means we’ll get to dig and find other things that they don’t want us to find. It’s called discovery phase, which we love.

To get back to the statement: ‘anything could go wrong and often does’, we have gone through our past hurdles with just our show performances. Most often what went wrong was sabotage most likely from “them”. On a personal note: I once said why do I feel like I was only supposed to push the boulder but never move it? It was because “they” were in my life causing this to happen. It wasn’t bad luck or karma. It was “them”. “They” showed their ugly faces and science and math revealed “them” to me-to us. From their we were able to resolve why these boulders in my life didn’t budge. Can this be labeled as a crime: Oppression to an extreme? We’re pursuing this because if we’re right and it’s looking like yes more and more every day, we have an amazing case.

Obligatory fun leaping jumping picture & absolutely no form at all - but I got very high off the ground. This was actually a very powerful action move I learned in martial arts.


Hair spritz and more spray-this made big hair of the 50s look small. Leg warmers, tied bandannas for the hair, more of the same just done a bit differently and a bit bigger. There wasn’t as much toxic garbage where we lived, but it was enough to cause my grandmother’s belly to swell. She hardly ate, but ate healthy.


Questions to Ponder

Following me? Were all of these things truly authentic fashion statements or movements or did they have a deeper hidden practicality to them? Could be both. I think the need to protect caused the fashion to happen. We may be there once again. Head coverings seem to be used for more than just rainy or cold weather. Sure, there are some practicalities, but are these just convenient “plausibilities” in which to hide the real truth or a façade behind? Then there’s more to look at than just fashion, but the President of any given time (were they vetted by “the corporation” or was he a free soul), cars, laws, etc.

Could it also be that generations that there were not so many toxic attacks that our beloved and dear men and women of our military were the propitiation? They were at war on a battlefield suffering Agent Orange attacks, or toxins that caused Gulf War Syndrome? Were those years we were able to let our hair down, years of war that protected our homeland and satiated “the corporation” because “they” had their test group battling for freedoms?

We need to truly and factually define the need or cause of the need however. Otherwise, if we do not, we will keep ourselves in this hamster wheel - go - round of death forever until our true deaths. Which I believe should be decided by God and not “the corporation”.

Blackstar Bowie's last album's title song speaks this: "On the day of execution"?! What was David Bowie talking about? Are we really executed and it is just made to look like we died naturally or from a disease? Was that disease imposed with intent upon us? Were we lied to? Or were we just poisoned? Lord knows there’s probably enough evil servants to do “the corporation’s” bidding at this point. Let’s hope not, but let’s not be fools either. Let’s just make sure this isn’t happening. But before that, let’s look deeper into our history.



To write just a brief paragraph doesn’t do this woman justice but it serves for this article. Queen Elizabeth the First was an amazing woman who loved her country and seemingly married to it for no man could fit the role of her husband (and could be quite literally). We ask: Was she a prop up of “the corporation”? Was she so very controlled and a great performer to do the bidding of “the corporation”? Is this why they’re unable to handle redheads and not sure what to do with them? Where to categorize them? Are they QE worshipers? There’s a lot to think about.

We ask because: She had a very high, recessed hairline, very short hair (I know the reasons given to make it plausible, I’m not buying it though - these toxins make your hair fall out then and it does now too-take a chemistry class beloveds). Was this a self imposed transformation or forced one by “the corporation”? She had an 1/8 thick layer of white powdery substance on her skin, it is what seems to be an equivalent of sunscreen or zinc oxide. This element helps ward off a lot of toxins as it too creates a barrier between skin and its attackers. The entire skin cancer blocking the sun’s rays may only be part of the story, and may be a modern cover up of guileful redirects. Interesting that most people who get skin cancer have a lot of mercury in their system. Is it from dental work, air, water poisoning? More on this later. QE also had six fingers. Wore ruffs, as many did then. These are ruffled collars. Fashion statement? Statement of status? Or was this the best protection the rich had to prevent being taken by toxic exposure? These ruffs and other elements keep repeating in our society. These things are damn uncomfortable, we tend to think it wasn’t for fun fashion but necessity to protect. This stuff goes for the lower neck and chokes its victims. (odd how we’re all experiencing similar things-SOS President Trump-thank you) Toxins weren’t only known to the American Industrial age. Chemical warfare has been occurring throughout time. Whatever man could conceive or get their hands on, that is what was used. Royals died from poisoning; dispensed on foot, ocean, in the air, done perhaps in different ways today, but still the same pattern. It’s hard to trace in a toxicology panel unless you know what to look for. Science not science fiction beloveds.


Spanish Flu 1917-1918

A doctor is rumored to have used a beak like leather mask with herbs crushed into the tip of the beak’s point. It was said inhaling these herbs warded off the flu. Hmmm….What if it wasn’t a biological flu but a chemical “flu” or attack to weaken the men that were at war? Plausible tactic. It’s been done before. What if this doctor wasn’t a rumor but an attempt to protect people from dying from an onslaught of chemicals? Mask wearing? Sound familiar? Sound like a front? Sound like covid? We need to make sure that we’re not being gassed again. People in place of authority still haven’t told us why our urine, rain water, water, air, etc test with heavy metals, formaldehyde, methanol, mercury, lead, and on and on. We are very sure we know the answers, we just want those who probably don’t deserve their positions (but then again they’re probably prop-up gate-keepers or bad actors) to answer us, help us, and then we will make it public. They know this. They fear this. We welcome it. Follow me?


Culture - Nurture - Nature - Conjured?

How about cultures? Did they develop certain garb to protect themselves from the dispensed toxins? We love the customs and designs of India, the Nehru (check my spelling) collars that incidentally cover the clavicle/neck area that’s vulnerable to these toxins, long flow-y scarves and the sort. Should we also consider that dress of the other nations where sarongs, vests, and wrapped scarves are truly worn to protect the face, neck and torso? And not due to an oppressive terrorist regime? (we know they exist but were they created by “the corporation” to fulfill an endangerment part of the story they’re conjuring?

If yes, what a rotten God-Complex “the corporation” has where they would stoop so low and create societies and wars to fulfill evil desires. More on what we think their desires are later.

What if the entire Jihad premise, 9/11, and all that goes along with it isn’t real, (I mean it really happened but…) that it’s really conjured by this powerful upper circle of evil men as is attempting to pull off a horrible publicity stunt? What if “the corporation” is using covid as a way to usher in women being subservient to men in a Jihad like way (they know we wouldn’t just go along with it, so perhaps if they create the need: protect yourself from covid by wearing: Masks OR: this new style of clothing (throw a celebrity “we are the world” type song together, have fashion models and billboards sporting the new duds, commercials, etc. in an attempt to “normalize” things).

Then: oops, not good enough we have real toxins to deal with. “the corporation” panics. Then “they” decide: let’s use that as a means to market that it’s anti-aging or “something” like that.

This tactic was done after WW2. The women became powerful having to go to work-now “they” had to market the new era of women staying at home after the war and we all like good little rabbits complied. Some wanted to keep working but forbidden. Some wanted to raise a family. Once again, “the corporation” shows it’s disrespect to women and treat them like property and distort the intention of God’s plan for them to be free and not ruled over. Then, here come appliances to ease the hard labor of the female hands, quick re-heatable TV dinners to help simplify chores (this aluminum tray may have been the beginnings of metal poisoning in our food along with canned goods) TV came into our living rooms (the one eyed monster-can they see us as we watch?) We may have evidence-yes. Big Brother has been with us for a while. Did I tell you my crooked grandfather had a store “front” selling and repairing TVs. Yes. Very interesting to me. What’s also interesting is that the tobacco companies sponsored a lot of these shows. Not only would the world become addicted, but poisoned as science has displayed. Let’s think about this: Smoke helps dilute these gaseous poisons in the air that humanity may have been sprayed with for a long time. Read Alice in Wonderland. A Hookah smoking Caterpillar? That seems like a hint drop of how to protect one’s self to me. Think about the cultures that use this in abundance. It could very well be more than just a past time, or a way to relax. Call me Alice-actually call me Noelle Rose®.

Please take a look at our artists that came before us (Funny how suddenly so many use this phrasing after I began doing so-too many are trying to speak like me but come across very unnatural and sound terrible. They can’t get away with the same things I say. They don’t have the horrible experiences I do that gird them up in intestinal fortitude in which gives them the spine to support their expression. A.k.a.: Bad - bad actors. I’m the genuine article in a sense the original, they’re the bad copies. This too is an atrocity since they will never know themselves or what they could have contributed with authenticity to the world. We need them, in their own special, presentation that’s original to the world, the world doesn’t need another me-I’m already here and Trademarked too.)


“the corporation” has been poisoning humanity using various toxins and adding to their concoction for many years, for a very long time; thus forcing good people to create a line of defense such as the new styles to wear, to utilize in hair design, music, marketing all of it and even with our foods and life styles. Who knows, it could have been the bad guys creating all of these things as not to kill off or damage their own. Who knows? It’s just very interesting how the styles seem to be created for protection in guise of “new styles”. They more interesting thing is the timing of the style changes. They’re very cyclical and predictable. They begin in the middle of a decade and end just the same. Through all of this were needless wars most likely instigated by this den of dragons.

This weakens our world and makes them richer and gives them more control and causes all of us (which by the way-WE all together out number these buffoons) to lose our family members, get ill, (Don’t buy into the age and illness story that they force upon us. We weren’t meant to age as we do. We have photos of our relatives and other people’s relatives, when left alone we all do very well and age very well.) and be controlled, some more than others. (You know my story.)

If this is true, those in leadership who knew may not have wanted to panic the public telling us the complete truth: “We’re under attack. It’s not from the supposed enemy that we’re fighting (in any given war). Those wars are instigated and in a sense not real or better stated conjured by conjurers. Our enemy is hidden. It’s a group of men who…” Well you get the idea.

Not want to panic us? Really? After Pearl Harbor; Auschwitz; 9/11; etc…I think humanity can hold its excrement together-we Can Handle the Truth. We’re still going through this bs because some don’t want to panic us. Panic us - please. I think we’re adults and can take it; I don’t think humanity will panic as long as it’s disseminated properly. The old way hasn’t worked all these generations, time to do a new approach. If I need to step up and be the one, so be it. We’re all just very done with the bs. Someone knows exactly what’s going on. We may be some of those someones who know.

What if this entire thing we call life and earth is a Grand Illusion in which “the corporation” injects all things? It makes sense. It makes dreadful sense. Heaven help us if I’m right. If not, as I said before, it would make one hell of a script/film that we may do either way.

Believe in dinosaurs do you? You need to believe more in dragons for they may be the ones doing great harm to humanity.


Much love, Noelle Rose®
No worries, more is on the way. The more “they” make it hotter in San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles or any place in the world or cause destruction and unleash these toxins, the more we’ll release. The more they use anyone to poison us or the world, the more we releases. The more they fake scenarios whether it be viruses, fires, storms, whatever it is they want to do, terrorist attacks, anything, the more we release. Then the hunters will become the hunted. “They” have to learn there are consequences to their evil actions. Yeesh, no one else will stand up to them so we'll do it. Not a problem. "They" made a mistake and screwed with the wrong gal, the wrong group, the wrong people. They hire people to poison us via neighbors whether in our own residence, hotel, friend's homes, it doesn't matter, where "they" dispense the poisons, we'll keep releasing more and more. If they do anything wrong to the election ballots, or harm President Trump or his family, or me, or my son, or husband, or my family, we attack back. That's it - gloves off - pointe shoes on & I will kick major tail. They're too physically weak to battle me. I'm stronger than they are. They're so weak they have to use others to do their dirty work. Cowards fight in darkness.

This was one of my victory moments bringing the truth about what my grandfather did to me out in public & also how I forgave him and God healed me. Televised to millions. We have the tape. The bad guys hate it when I do this so I want to do it more.






Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rubans Rouges Dance copyright you may not use this photo if you do we will sue
Changed Climate

by Noelle Rose® Andressen-Kale; Jared Kale & Rubans Rouges®

Beautifuls & Beloveds, this article contains both our opinions and some scientific research that we have either gathered personally ourselves, conducted personally ourselves, or have found in our research on the topic of Climate Change and its surrounding elements and incidents we have documented that fit into this entire scenario. It was formerly called global warming but that also goes against the facts that the east coast is getting colder and more virulent snow storms. Oh yeah, “they” forgot about that element-time to change the narrative and term to “Climate Change”.

Our hands must find the work of value, not to be idle or invested in mischief. We must toil with our hands to produce goodness. That is what I/we have set our selves to do. We hope you join us, but if not your choosing may lead to devastation. Help us produce that which is lovely and noble and causes people to be drawn towards and not repelled.

Obviously, “something” is happening in our environment that we mustn’t ignore. We too are trying to figure this all out in that we desire a clean world free from toxic harm. We want you to have a beautiful, full, long, healthy life, please join us in questioning those that may hold the key to this problem. We believe we’ve found some answers. We believe we will give you all something to think about that you may not have thought about before. Let’s commune with logic, articulation, reason and logic that is reasonable and understand that there are evil people in this world to varying degrees, some commit various crimes. We have jails for a reason, that is because people’s hearts are not operating correctly. We are not surprised by much any more and pray for our world. We feel we can do our part and complain, we may jest slightly, but we’re seriously pursuing an answer to all of this. We also have our documentary “White Skies” that we look forward to presenting very soon. It touches on this subject and then some.


The Definitions

Much confusion occurs when people use varying definitions in their speech, writing, arguments, performances, and so forth. We’ll use this section to define our usage of terms and words so there is little confusion.

Climate - the environment in which we and all life live and experience the weather, atmosphere and all elements whether good or bad.

Industry - manufacturing. This can be toxic or non-toxic industry. Note: we do not by any means declare a war against industry. We do however dislike anyone industrial or not polluting our world with toxins. 

Pollution - Anything toxic accidental or intentionally disbursed or dispensed into our world, food, air, water, products.

White Skies - we have videos, photographs displaying a white, dusty-gaseous formation of “something” being disbursed into our skies. We have documentation of airplanes (not commercial liners) dispensing this stuff much like crop dusting. We have also seen dispensaries on land, and people on foot dispensing something very white and toxic. We are deducing that it’s all the same type of element. Based on our symptoms, urine tests and blood work, that these elements are hazardous to life forms including insects, plant life, and humans. We also have videos and photos of our bamboo plant dying from what we believe are dispensed toxins from somewhere that seeped into our home. This occurred in March of this year. How odd that it coincided with covid. More on this too as we believe covid is really a chemical “virus” but a biological termed “virus” was used as a cover or redirect for many reasons. We hope not, but the more we delve into our discovery phase, the more we find out how right we may be.

Gatekeepers - also considered “bad actors”. They pass other “bad actors” through the gates. Sometimes human resources, sometimes casting directors, etc. (Mind you we know very integral people within all these professions, so as not to taint it with our words. We love and appreciate these ethical people.)

Bad actors - regular people who wanted to be actors but may not have been vetted to go the route of an acting career (or any other reason), thus a casting agency or other agency cast them in a “real life role” and or are pushed through school and testing to satisfy the “requirements” to become any given professional in any given profession. They often don’t know their profession well at all (We’ve been able to debate supposed and assumed doctors, attorneys, police, etc. and found we knew more than they did. We found this very odd.) They seem to be doing the bidding of a higher source. We call this source “the corporation”.  We decided to call them bad actors because we cast many films and have also auditioned for them. I personally can tell a bad actor because I can see them prepare on the stage instead of preparing behind the scenes. I don’t want to see their prep as they perform. Imagine a beautiful Geisha putting their makeup on in front of you, the illusion is destroyed. It doesn’t have to be a Geisha, it can be anyone or any type of artist. We want to see the finished work, flawless. Right or wrong, this is what we’ve been conditioned for. I personally am interested in the behind the scenes stuff, but that’s just me. But as a producer, I don’t want to see it. It looks bad unless done very skillfully and advertised as such. There is also value in behind the scenes documentation presented carefully to show the struggle, but for a performance--no.

We use the term “the corporation”, “Grand Illusionists”, ‘conjurers’ and it equates to “the mob” or “organized crime”. These terms too are vast. What we mean by this is possibly a group of men running and ruining our world and causing havoc throughout time. Passing the baton to their successors as they aged to take their places. Is there one “king”? We don’t know. More likely a group that holds one another accountable by black mail. You don’t get to this position by being a saint. We’re sure you can figure out what they may have done to hold each other in check. Could be that they have evil tasks and assigned certain people to destroy. When accomplished they get rewards. Could be? Seems like they have bad habits deleting the evidence no matter what form that evidence is: sentient or not.

Intentions of Others:

Their intentions…we don’t have a concrete answer. We have thought about anyone’s intentions desiring this and we came up with: Control, genetic purification or genocide, greed, sadistic, God-complex, and so forth. Whatever the motivation, it is not a good one. It goes against anything that our world’s human rights stands for and it definitely goes against anything Godly or good. We don’t believe our job is to identify the motive of “the corporation”, but if indeed it is what is, we have no problem doing our part stopping them, and in some ways we have. Indeed an invisible enemy that chose to stay hidden in the dark while cowardly using third parties and others to implement its evil plan. With this said, their evil has become so apparent that they’re not so invisible any longer. They have faces, names, bodies and hearts and minds that have been corrupted. They have an agenda to dominate. They categorize us people so they can keep track of us easier. The more they can vet us, the more they allow us to climb. This is not climbing the ladder of ethics. This is climbing a ladder for your survival-your life. They have codes, hint drops, and ways to communicate so not to be too obvious. We have much more to say on this, watch our videos and read our tweets for more insight and documentation.

Rubans Rouges Dance - Rubans Rouges & ENCOPA Productions

Pollution vs. Politics

Saying its pollution vs. politics may be too simple a phrase. Perhaps there’s more to it than we wanted to believe or realize.

We have looked at the documented weather for the past 15 years. There’s definitely a “change” with the documented temperatures. We then questioned if it was accurate or not. Indeed, based on our thermometers there was a matching of our documented temperature readings and officially recorded temperatures.

The next step was to figure out what was causing the west coast to get hotter and drier; and the east coast to get colder and wetter. This is a world problem not only USA’s problem.

Our decision was to dig into all possibilities. We really don’t care what is causing this effect, in that we have no bias or money invested one way or the other. We want the truth-factual truth. We want our world to be healthy, but we also don’t want to be lied to.

It has also been known that the Democrats or the left believe the world is coming to an end due to the climate changing. The Republicans claim it’s not real and support corporations or industry no matter what. This is disturbing to us. Why does there have to be only two sides of this? My father told me not to walk too far to the left or right because one can become cockeyed and skewed. The answers are somewhere in between. He was right. We believe we found the answer at least part of it right in between.

A bit more on the left and right. The left claim to be against corporations and their supposed crimes. Not true. We filed complaints, whistle blower complaints, made phone calls, emails and sent formal dissertations to the Democrats (the list is on our website with time & date stamped proof of sending and receiving and who signed for these items). You’d think they’d jump on this immediately, after all they profess to be against corporate corruption and pollution. We take great issue with many of these people and may decide to file law suits against some for their lack, misdirection, retaliation and more. As for the Republicans, we’re told it’s being worked on. For their sake, we hope so. We have crafted blank lawsuit filings and are ready to go. Whose name is placed in these blanks matters not to us. We want justice and not just for the theft of our intellectual property. We’re waiting.

To clarify: We’re not against corporations, we’ve owned some. We’re against corporate corruption-or any corruption for that matter. We believe the term is: Greed. Isn’t that the driven “sin” behind all if not most corruption? Again, let’s not get skewed, let’s see this impartially and walk the middle line to find the factual truth. We give everyone the opportunity to justly give us do recompense for any offenses against us, especially me, Noelle Rose®.

White Skies (not overcast-Google, LA Times said clear)

Rubans Rouges Dance - Rubans Rouges & ENCOPA Productions

In our quest to resolve the intellectual property theft, invasion of privacy, oppression and other issues, we couldn’t help but notice our skies were getting whiter and whiter. This happened before President Trump took office, not after where many of his critics state his deleting regulations. We researched it, to date we’ve yet to find one deletion that resulted in ore polluted skies and water. People may have assumed “oh he’s deregulating things for corporations, they’ll pollute more.” That’s not what he did, that’s not what the corporations did, at least not in America. It was first said for every 2 regulations he removed one. That was the marketing of it. What actually happened was for example if there were 30 regulations, he removed 10. Most of which were redundancies worded differently. Basically, he cleaned up a hodgepodge and stream lined it so it would be more concise. He did not allow more pollutants to be administered into our world. That’s not to say that all entities obeyed his wishes or the deregulation.

We now surmise that it’s not that the Democrats aren’t against pollution, it seems to us that they just want to control the narrative and how it’s presented. Or those puppetting them desire that. Our truth shines the light in places they don’t want us to go to--the truth. It’s the discovery of who is actually polluting our skies and water that concerns them. (the Republicans too. We believe they’re all “hired” to present one side or the other.) We think there’s someone pulling their strings orchestrating this and they’re just messengers. Still responsible, but none the less, possible puppets on a stage.

With this research we then questioned why was the air getting whiter and more toxic (we experienced odd symptoms that dissipated when we were in clean air or inside).

We began professionally photographing and video recording the sky for hours. We saw that planes dispensing the white gaseous dust in the sky formed into odd thin lawyers of stringy clouds. Sometimes fuller, billowy clouds would form as well. Fog occurred in desert lands, “smoke” appeared when there were no fires, the rain smelled metallic and caused hands and feet to swell (heavy metals do this) tons of health problems erupted and led us to become very concerned.

Good Men Did Nothing or Were Silenced

There’s also the conspiracy theorist side that states the government is spraying us. It very well may be some people within the government that are gate keepers and allow this to occur, but as a whole, it’s not our government. That is just where “the corporation” deflects any remnants who try to walk what is deemed as the middle ground. Any communication is sent to them and controlled. Regular people see the sky changing and look in many areas. On line they may see anti chem-trail groups. You may then decide, “Oh good someone is already taking care of it.” then you hang your hat. You may even write a letter to them and think you’ve done your portion or good deed for the world. It’s not enough my friends. You must make your voice heard as we have. You must ruffle feathers, rile them up, and not be afraid for your life. That is what it takes. That is not what people except us are willing to risk. Shameful though. Our hard work may save millions/billions of lives. So be it. We’ll talk about that later, meantime, we have work yet to do.

We believe some corporations from around the globe may be contributing to this. We also believe behind that though, they’re being used as a filtering mechanism or third parties. We need to look deeper or perhaps upwards to “the corporation”. When you think of it in these terms it’s easier to see that “the corporation” uses a hierarchy of front men, of front men, of front men, several times over. It’s the same redundant formula passed down the lines and a means of filtering or laundering in a legal sense of the terms.


Looking at Climate Change 

We then need to look at what exactly is climate change. Possibilities:

1. It’s all a lie.

2. It’s not a lie. Our world via emissions is changing the climate.

3. “the corporation” is using this as a front and want you to fall into either camp just as long as you choose a side and don’t point down the middle where the truth is.

4. The middle - The path no one speaks of except us. Why is that? Because we’re finding that the bad actors who are promoted vastly would never promote the very thing that is the absolutely truth.

Let’s look at all of these and find their weaknesses and strengths in their arguments.

1. The lie tactic states that everything is fine but we have evidence all is not fine. This is generally lumped into the Republican side of things. We can’t figure out why except that they tend to be for corporations. If some corporations are a part of this, that would make sense.

2. It’s not a lie. Well not completely. While something is happening we tend to not believe it’s global warming with their definition. Non intentional changing of our climate via pollution. This points to the corporations that may have a part in this.

As you can see, both sides seem to have it right, but how could both be true? They sound polar opposite in nature. In our search for truth we find the middle or better stated: it’s in the definition. We believe our world is being intentionally poisoned but it’s not #2 above completely. It is “the corporation” intentionally releasing toxins into our environment using the “global warming” theory. These toxin are chemicals that are causing the environment to change and super heat the west coast and freeze out the east coast in a sense.

So by #1 stating it’s a lie. Yes they’re right. It’s a lie that global warming is caused by what #2 is stating. #2 is a lie because they erroneously state what exactly is causing global warming.

Succinctly said: Global Warming is Staged! A portion of it may be a cover for what covid may really be: Toxic chemical warfare. Please watch our video and recall when we were in NYC in 2016 and alighted from the Hoboken train. There was military in camos we point blank asked what’s going on. We were told they were testing air currents for possible chemical attacks. Nice.

Our Experiment  

Grand Cyn copyright Rubans Rouges Dance

Being performers, we often need ice or heat to help with injuries. We use and we love the little packs of chemicals that contain elements that when you “crack” open the contents in the pouches, they create cold or heat instantly. It’s a murky white substance which we found interesting.  We thought about this long and hard. What if you could create this in the sky. We don’t by any means think people are breaking open these packets and dumping them into the sky, but the science behind the chemical reactions would point to the possibilities of being able to do this. If you remember what you learned in chemistry class, you would know that atoms, chemicals, all have bonding properties. What if this was done on a large scale that would enable people-unscrupulous people to wreck havoc on our world? Look at some of the potential designs awaiting patents at the search. Be very afraid. NASA used Velcro long before it was marketed as sneaker & purse closures and notions at fabric stores. There’s much technology being used behind the scenes that we may not know about.

If there is such a thing as “the corporation”, they then would be able to utilize this method to create a faux global warming. It would require consistent dispensing, consistent heat (this stuff reacts poorly in colder climates or extreme heat) creation and money which they seem to have an abundance of. Do they have financial backers? Would be interesting to see.

We also believe that there are several parts to this effect: Toxins dispersed on land, ocean, foot, vehicles, and also the different parts cause different things: the white dusty gaseous canopy may be causing the heating to occur and keep the other toxins in or beneath the canopy where all life resides so that we become too weak to fight off an invading enemy sent by “the corporation”. Another element of the toxic concoction enables permeation, another facet causes it to spread, stick and be weighted down. We’re looking into methanol being a part of this because of its ability to form an invisible mass that’s cloud like and very heavy.

Mercury & Other Toxins & Their Effects

Recently, our President announced Mercury being dispensed by China.

It’s in our water and air. Yes, we know. We wrote to many about this. We were ignored. Why? He gave interesting reasons why he thought so. We now ask: Who’s behind China? Who’s puppetting China? For a newly established superpower, we question if they even have the money or resources naturally unless they’re being given these things? We also think “they” are trying to front China as our enemy so we go to war with them. Baiting our President to fire away. The real enemy may be “behind them”. They seem to us to be used as a filtering location for “the corporation”. Why isn’t anyone talking about the boats that shipped the 911 metal off to China? That wasn’t covered in the 911 Commission Report. That $10 book - we have another solution to what was presented. We need to talk about building 7! We need to talk about a lot of stuff actually, but back to Mercury.

Grand Cyn copyright Rubans Rouges Dance

However, it’s not only Mercury that we found in our air, water, bodies and bodily fluids. Methanol, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and more. We don’t use nor house any toxic chemicals or forms of it. Yet our urine test strips (this is an entry level test, next comes blood and biopsies) show high concentrations of things that should not be in any of our bodies. We used these to test water and other methods. Rain water also tested high. That is what also caused us to look upwards. It also caused us to consider that we were also chosen to have an extra dosage of this concoction put in our home somehow and other places we traversed to. Why? Because we spoke up. Because we were speaking in private, or so we thought about all of these horrid things. They knew what our plans were because “they” were spying on us. 

Next, we had symptoms. We had perfect health. We had plumb-lines and base lines to test against these now abnormalities. Our hair began to fall out. We gained weight. HOW?! We were eating less because of covid un-employing us all. We exercised just the same if not more. We have a video, several videos of me gaining 4 pounds in an hour-how?! Never happened before. Same with our son who’s young. We were getting “fevers” that had no temperatures via thermometers. How’s that? It’s menopause. Really?! He’s going through menopause too? Bull****! I’m not going through menopause. More on this female bs too in another article. A false menopause can be induced by toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Just chelate them and you’ll conceive and flow normally. We did it. Blame Dr. Hulda Clark. She used real science and then she somehow ended up dead from cancer? The very cancers she cured? Right! We can prove everything she said was factual. We’re living proof of it. We’ll gladly demonstrate all of it live.

Everything we looked at pointed to toxic chemicals. We continued to look upwards for our answers. It’s alarmingly interesting that covid is everywhere and so is this white dusty, murky, gaseous stuff. What also is there is major symptoms that we’re having too. It effects everyone differently. Mercury and methanol causes these symptoms we’re experiencing and yet we have not been around this stuff via our purchasing anything that contains it. Remember the news promoted the hand sanitizer recall because of methanol? Hmm. Me thinks thou art a rat--several rats. We hope this wasn’t the next cover for why everyone has methanol in them. We didn’t used corporate or company manufactured hand sanitizers. We used something safer and better. We have no toxins in our home and haven’t used anything toxic for 30 years. We live very “green lifestyles” - authentically.

And yet, the media keeps saying on the other side of covid we’re going to have alarmingly high rates of cancer because we’re not going to our doctors to get checked?! Knock it off. That’s not even scientific. More likely this stuff in the air will cause it not lack of doctor visits. Interesting to know that we also believe there’s a “cain” a Novocain or lidocaine being used in this concoction. It cause us not to feel anything. We can attest to that. We had scrapes and severe bruising that we didn’t even feel until it got deeper. We figured out how to avoid this, but interesting too: My aunt had a bladder infection that she didn’t feel due to toxins (in meds) that kept her from feeling the pain. Hope someone wasn’t testing this stuff on her. We believe someone was testing stuff on us over the years since 2017 March we thought we had a virus that never went away. Any time we left our apartment for a length of time our symptoms cleared up and we were fine. We still think we’re being poisoned and prior-ly tested on. We had the same symptoms then but worse now. That’s a clue. We also have blood tests and missing pages that tell an interesting story.

Some of the Excuses

We’ve run into some various excuses as to why our skies were exactly the same gaseous white all along:

1. The fires - Really?! We have newspapers and screen shots and photos and videos displaying that there were no fires anywhere at the time. We have the documentation to prove that and to prove the skies were indeed filled with this white murky, chalky, dusty, gaseous mass.

2. Global warming - Really?! This got worse during covid when no one was driving. Watch our videos at the Grand Canyon, we caught planes flying in a no fly zone according to the displayed placards (see photo right - if they were from China they would’ve been shot down-they were domestic) dispensing this stuff and falling into the canyon. Yes! Live action during our quest for truth and filming our documentary “White Skies”. We have photos of blue skies at the Canyon. Right--we smell a few rats. 

Watch our video here:

3. Car emissions - ?! During covid stay at home orders? How? We have evidence that shows the skies were extremely bad and the roads fairly clear.

4. Airliners - Really?! During covid stay at home orders? They were practically not even flying. We have video to prove it. We have video to prove the skies were very white too during this time.

5. There’s tons more arguments that we overcame not only with logic and reason, but with photos, videos, newspapers and more. We’ll leave the rest up to the President. Just thought we’d help is all. There wasn’t anything else for us to do. We couldn’t dance so we decided to return to our other love: Film making. Thus we now have a killer decoder film: “White Skies”.

We found there isn’t a single reason the bad guys can state that we cannot overcome and argue away. Check Mate mateys. Maybe you all should have just let me dance and do all my art work and left me alone. “the corporation” has only themselves to blame for being lame, controlling, obsessive, and down right terrible humans. I never agreed to any of this but I will and my team will bust it up. We’re so tired of them and totally not afraid. Oh, did we mention all the odd car accidents and deaths in our family when we started speaking up about all this? Just saying. Others get afraid - I get pissed off and attack back.

Breaking It Down Easier

What if it goes like this:
On top “the corporation” desires to ethnically cleanse and control the world and create super humans, perfect humans via the means mentioned above. Christians believe Christ made perfect humans upon their submission to Him by his sacrifice. It’s called Propitiation. These men may believe that’s not enough. They want to see perfection in physical manifestation. In other words they want to play God. They want to take the place of Jesus or God. Usurping the Deity. Not quite the anti-Christ but an anti-christ type. A fraud or wanna be. That would require controlling who and how we procreate. The weather. The life cycle. Aging. All of it. They may even use some Biblical things such as using the 666 lore; scripture in which plagues come (have you noticed the fires, the floods, the hurricanes, quakes, covid, etc.) as a cover or even catalyst. What if all of this is an illusion. Sure they’re real events. But what if they’re not authentically happening on their own but being conjured.

NOTE: Before we go further, we do not believe this is “IT”. Meaning this isn’t the end times last days before the second coming. Not even close. This is a forced attempt at trying to usher that in and praying on the minds of gullible believers in Jesus. Lord know we have some preachers willing to play along with it. So please don’t go running to the hills abandoning everything. The Bible says, “don’t even grab your cloak - just run to the wilderness.” Too much Scripture has NOT been fulfilled yet in order for this to happen so please read your Bibles again. We’re not there yet, thankfully but we do have to deal with these fraudsters.

“They” may have used the magician scheme or painted a Grand Illusion of the world using marketing and media. WW2 is a perfect and yet disgusting example of this. What if Hitler while guilty was cast in his role by this group as a front? It would protect their group. They create scapegoats. Well of course, who would want to pay the price for any of this? The 12 hung at trial, we hope they were the true culprits, but since this travesty continues, looks like - not. They have the trademark of cowards that hide in the darkness so to speak while they hire others to act the part and do their evil deeds. Interesting dinner table talk and we’ve delved into it. Very interesting to think. It would follow the pattern, wouldn’t it? It’s all a front. Let’s follow that further.


Fronts are created to redirect people from what’s really going on. If the excuses for the white skies is climate change and it’s also doubling up for covid and deaths and its symptoms following, well guess what, we broke down all these arguments in other reports and dissertations and submitted them to our and your government officials. We have evidence of it all posted for you to peruse.

We believe the fronts are then dispensed by: media, marketing, some politicians, other professionals, fake neighbors who were hired to “live” a life basically keeping an eye on people like us. We have video of our neighbors doing this. Once we reported it and sent it in, they were in a mysterious car accident right in front of our home. Then bad actors spoke words from our private conversations-(which we had recorded to prove we said it first)-like dialog. In other words it was a staged event that really happened like a bad publicity stunt that hurt people to give them a warning shot for failing in their spying on us.

Fronts are also created so the real cash flow can come in from other not so legal sources. That’s a problem. This is where my Red Ribbons® comes in. I was just telling my story factually using the arts, dance, books, all of it. I thought it was just my story. Well it is. However, “the corporation” is getting very touchy about me trying to stop sexual child abuse, abuse, sexual abuse towards women, stopping trafficking, and well, I didn’t know that they use the red ribbon for their own sick thing. I mean it as a heralding triumph of overcoming all I went through. Sorry guys-yell at my long since deceased Grandmother and tell her to use a different colored ribbon. Better yet, yell at my dead Grandfather and tell him not to rape me and my mother. Better yet, stop doing what you’re doing, it’s only getting worse for you. Call me Alice. Better still: Call me Noelle Rose®.

All must be assimilated - resistance is futile.

For “the corporation” to pull this off, all must be controlled by them. If not all then most. They leftovers will bow or they will be eliminated. Everyone who doesn’t bow down to them will be annihilated or sent to an oblivion of mediocrity. If you’re elderly - gone. The elderly are the strength of our society. They are our memories, story tellers, herald-ers of facts, keepers of the flame, our heritage, our truth! You’re supposed to get more resistant to biological viruses since you’ve had them all not get weaker. But if someone fantasizes and creates something brand new that doesn’t really exists except in toxic chemical format, then it’s easily to buy into the lie. Interesting how seniors in nursing homes were moved into assisted living housing during covid. Why? We heard the lame excuses but these souls died. Has anyone checked to see how they died? Is covid a cover for a Logan’s Run type attempt?

Think of it: “the corporation” deciding who procreates. If you’re physically weak or a certain age-they don’t want you procreating. We were meant to live well into our 100s without all these toxic-ally induced wrinkles (benzene causes this 100% so do other toxins), aches and pains. Not vetted by them? - you only barely get to work a lowly servant job and no more. Won’t wear a dress to de-masculinize you? - you don’t get the next big part. Won’t be a concubine? - no agent. Won’t go blonde or wear red pump shoes? - you go no further. Won’t help plant seeds of: transcendence is a beautiful thing to help people want to die earlier in life or you have nothing to fear? Won’t contribute in some way to the deterioration of our world and morals? - “the corporation” says you stop right there. Won’t let “the corporation” mark or claim you? - you become targeted. Boy howdy this is where they’re trying to place me. How about, the brave young lady - me, decided to stand up & arm herself with factual truth and finish well and win. Check Mate.

Let’s continue. All entities then must be filled with “their people” in order to control how things operate. This may include corporations, schools, media, law, etc. It is the 7 Pillars of Society - our society being infiltrated by evil men using the tactics stated within.

Then they need a writer to help them do all of this. That’s where the theft of my intellectual property, private conversation content, creative concept meetings, phone calls, etc. come into play.

I kept legitimately changing my last name due to circumstance. I was under the radar here and there able to accomplish things. They found me from time to time. Interesting: Why did my hair catch fire when I was 13? (Not too long after that MJ had a similar thing happen.) The bus I was on blew up and the fire came inside the windows. I was lucky. A lot of very bad and strange “accidents” happened to me. We’ve called for an in depth investigation on all of this.

Since they seemed to have fired all the really good talent of yesteryear-some I knew, or they’re deceased, and “they” put their bad actors in place, they would need content. But if these people just have no clue, they would need to be able to get it somewhere. NOTE: I never gave anyone permission to use my stuff in this manner. I loathe whoever is responsible for it. I created my work to enrich and help people not destroy or witch hunt. I’ve been enslaved against my will. Young lady: write or die. The modern Scheherazade. It’s more like Modern Day Slavery using modern day technology to access and restrict. It is beyond belief. Lives were ruined - namely mine - by falsely and wrongfully using my stuff. We’ve done our best to send cease and desist letters, soon filing suits, etc. I am not to be blamed, “They” are and anyone else agreeing to put my stuff in marketing, advertising, films, TV shows, articles, books, etc. I only wished I could have come forward sooner. We first had to figure out finally what was happening to me and my family.

“the corporation” uses all these things to deflect. Even deflect from me. I was their best kept secret if they could keep me a secret. Even while we were reaching out for help in the supposed right places, we were lied to, our work destroyed, our complaints ignored, police (sorry police-we like you guys but you have some bad apples in your midst-toss them out please.) lied to us (we have that on video 5 times! Different guys each time and different places too!)

What if we’re wrong? What if we’re right?
(let’s ask Bezos about this slogan-shall we?) And if not, we have one hell of a screenplay in the works that we’ll be filming in narrative format on top of “White Skies” our documentary. Trials will say whether it’s fact or fictional movie art. But if we’re right, we have just unraveled an amazingly beautiful heroic story and unmasked grotesque humans that deserve to be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law. This includes anyone that doesn’t help us. Could be serious for them.

Is this why our skies are white?

We ask: Is “All” this why we have “climate change”? Have you immature, lost boys had enough yet? Is Peter Pan a positive but mischievous spin on what’s really happening?

If anything happens to me or my family or close friends who are like family, know this: It wasn’t what was stated. Suspect the worst. Look upwards.

Remember: a drowning man whether good or bad will try to save their lives. These evil ones are backed into a corner, they will fight back and so will we. However, we’re not drowning, they are. They have a huge disadvantage. Thankfully.

Thank you President Trump. You stand up to their lies daily. If you’re with us, we’re with you-Gladly. Thank you Jim Henson. We now think we know what you were saying. Thank you David Bowie. We now think we know what you were saying. Thank you Michael Jackson, Whitney, all of you. Thank you to all who came before us, warning us. We will bring your adversaries to justice. Life is not a disease, and these people who are the cause of all suffering or any suffering described herein, will have much to answer for.

Long Live Life!