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Liberal Arts Matter

Liberal Arts Matter
Edited by G. Blythe | Getting degrees in Liberal Arts & Fine Arts has benefits.

Hello readers, I'm joining Ms. Andressen & Mr. Kale today and inquiring about their path to successful careers with their art degrees. Many times I've heard people going back to school after they've achieved the BFA or even their MFA due to no employment or no opportunities. 

This dynamic duo, Noelle and Kristopher, are as passionate in their careers as they are in their private lives. I'm always impressed by their ability to make others welcomed and yet they have strong morals and don't let anyone get away with anything; they believe it short changes the person from being their best selves. They're the first to profess making many mistakes but one they didn't make a mistake in is their choice of path in the college system.

What are your degrees and where did you attain them?

Ms. Noelle Rose Andressen graduated from Moorpark College with an AA in dance (Liberal Arts) and BFA from UNLV. Mr Kristopher Kale BFA UNLV film. Director and production emphasis with music.

How has your BFA benefited your current job position?

Greatly and in several ways, both of us used our education to create our first film project out of school which garnered us both five Emmy nominations. Ms Andressen received 3 for: writing, producing and music arrangement. Mr Kale received 2: production and music score. For this project we won an EMA Media Award for Women in Film. This is Vegas's most coveted film/media award. This allowed us to do more projects including indie film: PROFILE, many other Public Service Announcements that aired on TV. We also used our education to form a multi media dance company: Rubans Rouges Dance that fuses all their talents: film, dance, writing, production. "He writes the music she dances to." We present award winning productions nationally and tour with our company internationally.

Did you receive negative criticism for your choice in career/degree paths?

Often we were told it was a waste if time and that the odds of being able to use our "art" degrees to earn a living was rare let alone trying to get your foot in the door for the art and entertainment world. We were told we need to get our heads out of the clouds and think rationally. We were encouraged to become and study in fields that made money: doctors, attorneys, secretary or something more tangible and attainable. NOTE: Kristopher is a paralegal studying for the bar to become an attorney.

Tell us about your path. 

It was challenging. We had to make a business plan and stick to it. Immediately after graduation we decided to go for it and took out a loan for our first project. We knew it was risky but we also knew we had to make our own way. From there we found several stations that wanted to air our project and it received Emmy nominations and won the EMA Media Award. 

Not too long after Noelle was diagnosed with breast cancer and since we weren't on a project we had no insurance. We sold our home to pay for treatment and she survived and thrived. However from there we had to start all over again and that's when we decided to create Rubans Rouges Dance. This manifestation took all of our skills, talents, and education and made an incredible and successful performing arts company.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Find your own path to success. No one can perfectly or precisely copy another's success but you can. We strongly suggest: Making a business plan with 1 year, 5 year and ten year goals. Stick to your plan. Calculate the risks and be willing to accept a less than desirable outcome. Don't accept defeat. When the cancer intruded in our lives we got back up and created a more in depth expression of ourselves. Never give up. Defeat comes when you accept it and let it win. Be an integral person. Simply put: Don't screw anyone over to reach your goals and dreams. We got to where we wanted with integrity, no game playing. We treated people well and proceeded with our morals intact. It may have taken longer this way but we believe that how you treat people along your way matters. 

And never ever give up!

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