Sunday, December 24, 2017

Keeping Fit During the Holidays

Keeping Fit During the Holidays
written by Anne Gitlin, freelance health & fitness writer, film maker, former performer

The Holidays bring good tidings, fun with friends & family, and festive foods. Often the burden of unwanted pounds also attach to us in the most awkward places; namely our thighs, hips, waistlines. While I'm not going to tell you to starve yourself while others enjoy the fine delicacies, I will share some tips for you so you can keep fit during the holidays and also have fun.

  1. Smaller Portions. You've heard this millions of times but it is true. Keeping to smaller portions will show great kindness to your waistline.  
  2. Partition Your Plate. At a buffet, instead of loading up your plate with one or two of your favorite foods, visually partition your plate and place not only smaller portions but a variety of samplings.
  3. Take it in Stride. A brisk walk daily can keep you in fit shape and lower your stress. We often get caught up in the Holiday Grind of frantic shopping and holiday party hopping. Scheduling a stress-free time for yourself can clear your mind and keep your body from producing weight gaining toxins.
  4. Bottoms Up or Down. With festivities, alcohol surely accompanies. Belly fat can quickly compile as we go from celebration to celebration. A good tip is to not over-do it and choose to monitor your intake. Should you find that you went past your limit, doing yoga is a good way to get the accumulated toxins from alcohol to process through your system quicker. Downward Dog, plank pose, twist poses are very effective. Stay safe and never drink and drive. 
  5. Start Early. Start a week or two earlier with these discipline methods before the Holiday Festivities kick in.
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