Monday, November 27, 2017

I Don't Care What They May Say....

I Don't Care What They May Say....
Cannoli NotesTM
Helpful Tips to Help Not Care What Others May Say or Think About You
by Noelle Andressen Copyright September 26, 2017

This wasn't just a line from Elsa's famous song "Let It Go!", or something my grandmother drilled into me;
it was something our parents taught us growing up, but did we actually learn this skill? As adults we may face the challenges of caring too much what people think about us. Here's some tips for you to help you overcome:

Some tips for you:
"1. Stop the comparison game. Women need to understand that their empowerment and identity is not found in the mirror or found in someone else's ideals. Refrain from looking at celebs retouched photos wishing you'd "look like that". Know that the subjects don't even look like that in reality. Compare the celebrities' photos to when they're being interviewed on live TV. They look different. Photography is an art-form as well; magazines, photo books, etc are presenting both the subject and their photography skills at their best. Also, save up some funds and get your own glamour photos done. You too can prove to yourself that you are beautiful and can achieve any ideal you desire for yourself. 

2. Take Control. After I had breast cancer I felt less than positive about my body and as a dancer this was detrimental. I took matters in my own hands and decided to start a community campaign of awareness for a group of women. Surrounding yourself with others who feel the same way can encourage you. In the midst of working through my own body issues, I ended up helping others too.

3. Know that you're enough. Do one thing every day that helps you achieve your full expression of body positivity. If it's to lose weight, start a program to do so. If it's to feel empowered, start reaching out to others like I did by writing about it with a blog or book.

It is my belief that it is a problem for women because they have been suppressed for too long that they look for unnatural ways of redemption. We need to take our power  back. When we realize we have all we ever need inside of us we won't look elsewhere for validation. We're just waiting to give our own selves permission to be better than what we were forced to live up to."

As my grandmother often said, "True freedom is when you don't give a damn what others think." My grandmother also told me, "Your esteem is found in God." She called it God-esteem. He values us beyond what the human race can do for you. He's always on your side.

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